Questions we get asked, answered.

So, you're planning your Wedding Day, Congrats ! 

Awesome, but it's pretty daunting too isn't it ? There's just SO much information available and it's hard to know what to listen to. After more than 12 years capturing weddings we've seen things that work well for couples. If there's something we haven't answered for you, give us a call.


How do you choose the music for our film ? 

We pay copyright fees to use all the music in our films and choose songs and suit the pace and emotions of the day.

Do you have certain photographers you prefer to work with ?

Sure, there’s a bunch we love and you can find them on our love list. Their style aligns with the way we shoot the day..but we’re happy to chat if you have someone else not on our list.

Do you travel for weddings ?

You bet. We love a good destination wedding and would love to hear more about your plans.

How long before we can expect to feast our eyes on our amazing wedding film ?!

4-6 weeks.

Do we feed you on the wedding day ?

We don’t expect a seat and meal amongst your guests but dinner would be appreciated.

So….we love your work, how do we lock you in ? 

Awesome ! Email to let us know and we’ll send a link to your booking proposal, follow the links and you’ll be all sweet ! 

What Packages do you have & how much do you charge?

We offer two packages currently & they are suited for different needs as every couple is different! Please find the packages here

Do we meet with you before the wedding day ?

We love to meet our couples, but it’s not essential. But we do love coffee in the sunshine.

How do you schedule your day ?

Our day runs aligned with your photographers timeline, so we will touch base with them closer to the day to discuss everything.