Devoted Husband and Dad to two amazing boys. He thinks he’s the wisdom of the team but he’s really just much older than the rest of us. Likes to make sure we all have our sunscreen on but other than that has been shooting weddings in Australia and across the world for more than a decade.



Charlie loves to label…everything. He loves keeping up with the latest tech and froths on keeping super busy and always shooting. Motivated and always chirpy he’s a good egg to have around on your wedding day, backyard BBQ or messy pantry (that needs labels)



Connor is out to represent the Gingers of the World here at Likewise Films, he loves his Indie Rock,  surfing and travelling the globe. He’s an asset to the team and being 6 foot 85 inches tall he always get the good high angles over the crowds.



Akin to an animated cartoon character (Luke just can’t pin down which one) he spends his time shooting hoops, bending in loops (Yoga), perusing record stores and making sure his hair is looking a treat. He’s got a gentle nature and a quiet confidence that’s gonna take him places.



With a love for bad movies, Marcus can often be found behind the camera quoting The Rush Hour 2 word perfect, which is a skill he could possibly live without, but we value him for all of his we are embracing it in full.